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Solstice pup found dead on Christmas Day

The harbor seal pup nicknamed “Solstice” that hauled out on a Lincoln Park beach on Dec 22nd was found dead on Golden Gardens beach late Christmas Day. According to Kristin Wilkinson of NOAA, the seal was picked up from a South Puget Sound island over the summer and went through rehab at Paws. Read More...

Solstice seal pup in snowstorm

A harbor seal pup hauled out at Lincoln Park today during a swirling snowstorm. Beach walkers were surprised to find a pup on the beach and quickly moved to action, calling NOAA’s hotline, Seal Sitters’ hotline and contacting the West Seattle Blog. Click here to read about the holiday pup we’ve named “Solstice” in the West Seattle Blog. Please check back for a followup in our Seal Sitter Blog.
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