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Seal pups' camouflage keeps them safe - or not

pup-in-logs-blogWatch your step as you walk along the beaches for the next few months. Harbor seal pupping season is upon us and pups find refuge not only on open beach (often looking like a piece of driftwood or rock), but also nestled among the woody debris along the tide line. While their spotted coats are effective as a defense against discovery by predators, they often blend in so well that people (and dogs) can stumble upon them before it is too late and the pup is scared back into the water or injured.

Over the past two days, Seal Sitters volunteers looked after a pup at Lincoln Park. Nicknamed Palmer, the thin pup was discovered tucked in the large logs near the sea wall (shown here as the sun set Friday night). Yesterday, he crawled back out over the logs onto the beach, but was barely noticeable as his pebbled coat blended in with the pebbled beach. Passersby had a hard time locating the pup until our volunteers pointed out his location, letting them get a closer look through a spotting scope. We thank all our volunteers for putting in long hours and a very considerate and concerned public who helped us give this pup the rest he needs to survive. Palmer returned to the Sound early afternoon and could be seen splashing at the water’s surface as he fished off shore. That was a welcome sight since this weaned pup really needs to fatten up!
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