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Club Med for seals

Alki and Bailey have been enjoying a very relaxing extended stay at their exclusive West Seattle beach ~ they swim a little, bask a little, swim a little, bask a little. The two seal pups have been coming and going all day and evening today, keeping Seal Sitters on their toes moving tape and cones. All in all, a very healthy sign that the pups are gaining strength from their long beach siestas. Alki (shown at left) is looking stronger every day and is easily identified by a little nick on his nose.

So, how do we identify the pups to keep track of their haulout patterns and health? Read More...

Alki and Bailey back for an extended snooze

Alki and Bailey both returned to our shores today. Bailey hauled out in the morning and then again late in the afternoon. Bailey returned to the water around 7 pm.

Much to the relief of Seal Sitters, Alki looked much better than yesterday and returned for a very long snooze. Weaned pups have a very tough time of it. Fish are hard for young pups to catch and, as a result of low body weight, they become more vulnerable to parasites and viruses. Here we see Alki stretching in the sun soon after hauling out this afternoon, safely cordoned off by Seal Sitters. The posture exhibited here by Alki is an excellent indication of improved health. As of 9 pm he is still resting comfortably ~ watched over, of course, by our volunteers. And special thanks to Dan and his Parks team for their help today.

Another busy day of pups on the beach

Seal Sitters had another long day today as two pups hauled out in a very busy location. New volunteers gained experience educating the public and onlookers were excited and respectful. All in all, it was a good day for the pups who enjoyed many hours of much-needed rest on a sunny fall day. The very healthy and alert pup shown here was dubbed “Doc Bailey” by a young girl. The second pup named Alki by a young onlooker was quite thin and not as alert as we would hope. Photos are being analyzed to assess the health of the pup who returned to the water late afternoon. “Bailey” returned to the Sound about 6:15 pm.
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