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Busy days for Seal Sitters protecting pups

The past few days have been very busy for Seal Sitters volunteers. Early Sunday morning, a pup hauled out on the sand at the north end of Alki Beach. When our responder arrived there were already people too close to the pup. She established a large perimeter him in anticipation of huge crowds on the beach on such a beautiful weekend. Volunteers were present throughout the day, informing the public that the pup appeared healthy and was getting the necessary rest needed for survival. The pup was identified through photos to be IQ, the “very smart” pup who hauled out the day before at the opposite end of the beach. IQ returned to the Sound about 6pm - a long, but rewarding day for our volunteers. Many of our new volunteers were able to get their feet wet (so to speak) talking to the public and observing the habits of a pup on shore.

Yesterday morning a very tiny and alert pup (shown above) was resting high on the lichen-covered rocks just below the sea wall. The pup had come in at high tide during the night. Since people were running and walking along the wall just feet above the pup (and sometimes stopping to talk excitedly about him), we established a tape perimeter to keep people and dogs back. This pup was named Henry by an enthusiastic onlooker. An incident with a woman on the beach who refused to leash and control her dog caused the pup to be scared off the rocks. Her careless act may have caused injury to Henry (see related story). We repeatedly try to stress to dog owners that dogs truly are a threat to these vulnerable seal pups!

This weekend was busy for our Sno-King investigator as well with multiple pups in the Everett area, some involving human interference as well - this time, however, by well-meaning individuals.

Thanks to all our volunteers who have put in such long hours the past week!

Super smart pup hauls out on Alki

Seal Sitters hotline received a call about 1pm today that a pup had hauled out on the beach across from Starbucks, attracting quite a curious crowd. Our responder quickly appeared on the scene, began taping off a perimeter above the pup on the sidewalk and sea wall, and informed the onlookers that the pup had come ashore to rest. Due to an incoming tide and just a few feet of beach, the pup periodically returned to the water only to reappear on shore a few yards south. The pup finally found a slightly wider stretch of beach and rested comfortably for about 6 hours. Thanks to our volunteers and a very respectful and excited public, the only disruption the pup had was from a baby seagull who was very curious about this strange little flippered friend. The very healthy looking, recently weaned pup hauled out right behind our newly installed beach sign - the one that says to let pups rest undisturbed. For this reason, young Seal Sitter volunteer Elizabeth and her friend Esther nicknamed the pup IQ - because this is one smart seal pup! IQ returned to Puget Sound at sunset. Thanks to the many volunteers who pitched in today to keep IQ safe.
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