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Butterball and Stuffin' on Seal Sitters' plate Thanksgiving night

Last night, Seal Sitters’ volunteers protected two seal pups trying to get some rest out of the cold waters of Elliott Bay. Butterball made a return appearance to West Seattle and a seemingly healthy and very feisty seal pup, nicknamed Stuffin’, arrived later in the evening. Thankfully, the two pups ended up close together and the perimeter of tape and signage that was already in place to protect sleeping Butterball was extended, ensuring that both pups were inside a clearly defined buffer zone.

The pups were gone at a 6am check and our rain-drenched first responder removed all materials from the area. We anticipate that one or more of the pups will continue to use this not-so-ideal location as long as squid and small bait fish are abundant in the Bay. Off-leash dogs and curious people are always a danger to pups - and a feisty pup such as Stuffin’ can inflict a serious bite if approached too closely. Diseases can be transmitted between species. The Marine Mammal Protection Act mandates that it is against Federal law to disturb, feed, handle or move any marine mammal. We hope both pups find a safer haulout with less potential for conflict.
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