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Pup makes waves at Lincoln Park

Youngsters Audrey and Chase were walking with their parents at Lincoln Park today when they noticed a seal pup sleeping on shore. They promptly called Seal Sitters’ hotline and our volunteers swiftly moved into action. Our responder found the pup at the tideline just north of Colman Pool and quickly established a tape perimeter utilizing cones, stakes and driftwood. The pup, nicknamed Chester by Chase, is most likely weaned and had reasonably good body weight, though he was by no means as fat as a pup still nursing on a mom’s rich, fatty milk.

Volunteers explained to concerned observer that this was perfectly normal behavior for a seal pup to be alone on the beach - and that no, he did not need to be put back into the water. Despite a steady flow of onlookers, Chester managed to have a good rest for a couple of hours. That is, until a series of huge waves crashed over him and he returned to the Sound. Onlookers and volunteers were baffled at the source of the waves since there was no freighter or ferry in sight.
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