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Chubby Stella lounges on Beach Drive

Yesterday evening, Seal Sitters received a call about a pup on the beach at Constellation Park, however, our volunteer was not able to locate him either last night or early this morning. Late this morning, however, dispatch received a report of a pup at the same location. This small and very stout little one has been nicknamed Stella, which means star in Italian. We had concerns that she (keep in mind we have no idea of pups are male or female without a physical examination) might have a flipper injury as she seemed to favor her right flipper. Video, however, showed that she seemed to be able to use it effectively, but just was not inclined to. We are hoping that it is something minor, but will continue to monitor Stella if she returns to a beach. She is one fat little pup and had a good long rest today, well into the evening. We are not sure if she is a nursing or weaned pup.
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