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Seal pup craze continues today

For the third straight day, Seal Sitters watched over two pups. Beach strollers were given an extra treat this morning as a pup hauled out along the sea wall at Alki Beach. The incoming tide caused the pup to seek out what he deemed to be a cozy spot on the cement steps leading down to the beach. Volunteers quickly established a safety zone of yellow tape and construction cones, educating the public about seals’ need to rest 50% of their day. Onlookers were fascinated as they peered through a spotting scope to get a closer glimpse of the spotted pup, nicknamed Pauley. Pauley returned to the Sound early evening.

Late afternoon, the hotline received a report of a very tiny pup on a stretch of private beach accessible to the public at low tide - an area frequented by off leash dogs. We were asked to come to the site and establish a perimeter to warn people of the pup’s presence. The very tiny pup was too thin for our liking, but was able to rest for hours on the pebbled beach. We are comparing markings to see if this is a pup we have looked after this season.
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