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Seal pup a pleasant January surprise

A couple enjoying a Saturday morning stroll were treated to the sight of a seal pup, resting on a stretch of private beach in West Seattle. They alerted the hotline and our responder headed south to meet one of our volunteers at the site. The pup, who had a lengthy snooze, was very alert with pretty good body weight for a weaner. NIcknamed Surprise, he returned to the Sound late afternoon, under the protective watch of volunteers since the beach was accessible by the public until high tide.

Another pup (possibly the same one, but no positive photo id) visited Lincoln Park twice today. We continue to have weaned pups reported across Puget Sound. Seal pups and adults use the shoreline to rest year-round, so remember to be on the alert as you walk the beaches. If you spot a seal, give him as much space as possible, keep people and dogs away, and call the hotline.
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