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Heidi Klum

Adult seal finds safe haven on West Seattle beach

For a number of evenings in a row, an adult harbor seal has been coming ashore to rest on a sandy West Seattle beach. Thankfully, there is only one point of access to the small beach which enables Seal Sitters to establish a secure perimeter around the seal, doing our best to ensure that he won’t be disturbed.

It’s unusual for us to have an adult seal on an urban beach, since they are extremely wary of people; most times, they will be seen on the platforms off shore. However, over the years, we have had several adult seals use the dock at Don Armeni boat launch, including Otis Redding (who rested on the dock for many days in a row while he healed from an ear and parasitic infection) and Heidi Klum, a gorgeous blond female. At night, the abandoned and inaccessible dock at Jack Block Park is heavily used by seals and, most likely, the more remote beaches around West Seattle are used then as well.

This large male has been nicknamed Captain Nemo and appears to be healthy, albeit a tad bit thin. We thank the neighbors in the high rise condos across the street who keep watch out their windows late at night, making sure the tape perimeter has not been breached. One night some teenagers crossed the tape, standing on the sea wall above the seal taking photos. An alert neighbor yelled out that they needed to get behind the perimeter. Captain Nemo has developed quite a passionate fan base over the past week or so. Protecting him has been a real treat for volunteers and the public.

Svelte blonde lounges at boat dock

An elegant blonde female, Heidi Klum (who is, of course, married to Seal), lounged on the boat dock at sunrise. It is reassuring to note that we have so many seemingly healthy pinnipeds hanging out in West Seattle.

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