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Woody hauls out at north end

A brown pup with light spots hauled out yesterday late afternoon at a north end beach. Nicknamed Woody, this pup likes to haul out underneath a big log on the beach. Volunteers spotted his haul out tracks several days ago, but each time the pup had already returned to the water. A citizen found Woody on the beach about 4:30 pm, called Seal Sitters’ dispatch and volunteers taped off access to the area. Woody spent the night on the beach and looked weak this morning which had volunteers concerned, but finally made a slow trip back to the water around 10am.

Throughout the afternoon today, Seal Sitters followed Woody’s movements as he surfaced briefly on beaches from the north end to the south end of Alki Beach. Too many people on the beach prevented him from getting his rest and he kept returning to the water. However, an adult seal was seen about 20 yards off the beach just as he re-entered the water about 2 pm. The adult and pup were spotted together rounding the point by the lighthouse. Our volunteer followed them with binoculars as they made their way the length of Constellation Beach, the pup desperately trying to haul out. Finally, the pup came ashore amidst a number of people and boaters; but mom stayed nearby, her head popping up out of the waves periodically, as Woody was able to gain strength on shore. Seal Sitters taped off the beach. Thanks so much to the respectful people who moved away from Woody so the mother would not be scared away - and most especially to the “Disorganized Dive Club” who chose to relocate their dive to another beach so that Woody could get some rest! The pup returned to the Sound early evening. Seeing the mom and pup together swimming offshore, and her protective behavior, was a real treat and rarity.
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