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Princess Drosanna

New volunteers thrilled by seal pup on the beach

For brand new volunteers Jody and her 5-year-old daughter Louisa, yesterday could not have been better. Recent transplants from the Washington, DC, area, the afternoon’s plans included a trip to the Pacific Science Center. In the morning, Jody received the APB “seal on the beach now” email message from our first responder. She immediately contacted Seal Sitters’ volunteer scheduler Connie to say they would love to spend some time protecting a pup.

The hotline had received a call about 7am that a pup was at a popular scuba diving cove near the Water Taxi. Our first responder taped off the cove, leaving a corridor on the small beach so that divers could access the water. Since this was Louisa’s first seal pup, she got the naming honors. After pondering possibilities for a only a minute or so, she proudly announced the pup was “Princess Drosanna”. Louisa (at left, on duty) spent the next few hours admiring the Princess stretching in the sun.
The very alert, dark-coated pup managed to rest on shore for almost 12 hours - until being startled and scared back into Elliott Bay by an unsuspecting diver who had approached the beach from the water to the south, unaware that a pup was there. Thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in to keep the Princess safe on a beautiful, but windy and cold day. And kudos as always to our volunteer schedulers and hotline operators!

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