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Thin seal comes ashore to rest

Late yesterday afternoon, Seal Sitters dedicated hotline (206-905-7325) received a report of a seal on the beach below Alki Avenue’s sea wall. First responders David and Eilene were on site within minutes and established a tape perimeter to keep folks from standing above the seal, causing undue stress.

Volunteers were quickly lined up in shifts to talk to passersby and ensure the seal’s safety. Terribly thin, the animal is of undetermined age, but definitely not a yearling from last season. The seal is either a sub-adult or possibly a small adult. Without being able to measure length and being so thin it is difficult to assess age group.

Dubbed Blondie. the seal rested until shortly after 6pm before crossing the sand back into Puget Sound. Volunteers waited at the location before removing tape, cones and barricades in case he (sex unknown) decided to return. First responders checked nearby beaches before returning home.

Later in the evening, the hotline received another report and Blondie was located on the small beach at Duwamish Head. First responders closed access to the beach steps and established a buffer zone on the grass above him so he could rest undisturbed. Volunteers left shortly after 10pm since there was very little pedestrian activity, but returned at 11pm and Blondie was no longer on the beach.

First responder Robin checked the beach at 5:45am and it was empty. She scanned beaches from Cove 1 to Constellation Park and there was no sign of Blondie, but a small seal was sleeping about 50 yards offshore at Constellation.

Blondie is obviously having some health struggles and we anticipate he will return to shore today. Please keep an eye out for him and call our hotline @ 206-905-7325 (SEAL) immediately if you see a seal on the beach. Blondie desperately needs to rest in order survive and gain the strength to battle whatever ails him.
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