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Seal pup Peaches newest media celeb

Seal Sitters and fuzzy little seal pup Peaches were featured on the front page of the Seattle Times today. Many thanks to environmental writer Lynda Maypes and photographer Alan Berner for their interest in writing a cover story on our stranding network and the flurry of pups that have been using the shoreline. Read the full story here.

Record breaking pace for seal pups in West Seattle

Yesterday, Seal Sitters’ West Seattle volunteers looked after two more seal pups - pups # 23 and 24 since the first week of August. This is a record setting pace for West Seattle since 2007 and does not take into account the responses of our Sno-King wing (which covers Seattle and beaches north to Marysville). West Seattle is definitely a happenin’ place for seal pups and volunteers who are running a bit ragged these days!

Shown here is new pup Peaches who hauled out at a cove near the Water Taxi landing, rested for a few hours and then relocated to a quieter cove to the south. Peaches had about 13 hours of rest yesterday so should have had lots of energy to go out fishing for the night.

We also received a call about a pup at Lincoln Park. That pup has been nicknamed Gypsy for her dark eyes and exotic spotted coat. Onlookers were amazed at how well camouflaged she was against the pebbled beach - all the more reason for the tape to keep people from accidentally stepping on a sleeping pup!
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