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Seal pups still using West Seattle shoreline

Weaned harbor seal pups are still hauling out on West Seattle beaches. The protected, inaccessible beach at Jack Block Park has a couple of pups that use it with regularity. Yesterday, the hotline rang with reports of a pup resting directly below the observation deck. The pup, nicknamed Cinnamon, was being monitored throughout the day by responders. However, due to so many calls from the public we dispatched a few volunteers to hang out at the Park and talk to folks curious about the chubby pup.

Cinnamon returned to Elliott Bay around 5pm in the evening. She was back on shore early this morning, but returned to the water about 7am - perhaps off to a breakfast buffet of 3-spined stickleback and squid.

We suspect Spencer, who spent 4 days resting along the length of Alki Avenue recently under the watchful eye of Seal Sitters volunteers, has been coming ashore at night to rest. Our early morning first responder has seen a pup return to the water between 6 and 6:30 several mornings and found seal tracks in the sand another morning at the same location. The responder has not been able to get an id photo, so we can’t confirm the pup is indeed Spencer.

Ruby, the rehabilitated pup, hasn’t been seen for about a week, but that doesn’t mean the pup with the bright red flipper tag isn’t still in our area. The last time we sighted her dozing at Jack Block, she had packed on some blubber which made us all very happy.

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