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Pup keeps volunteers on high alert today

A silken seal pup nicknamed JuYoung (in honor of a beautiful young woman from South Korea) kept our volunteers hopping today. Our hotline received a call around 9 am that there was a pup on the beach by the Statue of Liberty. The pup was quite alert and close to the sea wall as the winds whipped the incoming tide high onto the beach. SS established a perimeter (or at least attempted to as high winds repeatedly blew down our barricades and tape), but the pup returned to the Sound about 10 am. Approximately 1 pm this afternoon, the pup reappeared just north of the Bathhouse and stayed until a juvenile sea gull, insistent on pecking at his rear flippers, pestered him into returning to the water. It was windy and bitter cold duty for our volunteers as we continued to keep a watch out for the pup until late afternoon. If you walk the beach in the morning and see this pup (who appeared to be quite healthy), please call our hotline so we can help this little one get some rest on a very popular stretch of beach.
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