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Sunday a day of rest for two pups, but not for volunteers

On Sunday the hotline received a report of a pup on the sand near the volleyball courts on Alki Beach. Our responder quickly established a large perimeter around the thin and slumbering pup. A young girl named Mia and her mom discovered the pup and suggested Rose as the name for this new visitor. Rose (at right) slept unaware of all the adoring eyes of volunteers and the public watching her until darkness fell.

About 6pm, a second pup hauled out just a bit south of Rose, so volunteers scrambled to extend the tape to protect this little pup as well. A volunteer nicknamed this little pup, Dandy. Dandy decided to return to the water after resting a short while and appeared to have some kind of injury to his left flipper. The pup, however, was alert with reasonably good body weight. Soon after, volunteers were alerted that the pup had hauled out again, this time north of us! Volunteers taped off yet another perimeter until darkness fell and Dandy returned to the Sound.
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