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Marine Mammals Two by Two video


Marine Mammals Two by Two
is an educational outreach video suitable for children K-6. The project was made possible by a grant from NOAA Fisheries (NMFS). The video, conceived and developed as part of a far-reaching educational project by the NOAA Fisheries Northwest Regional Office (now part of NOAA’s restructured West Coast Region), was very much a collaborative effort. Marine Mammals Two by Two was produced and edited by Seal Sitters' Robin Lindsey.

Young Seal Sitters volunteer Etienne Reche-Ley narrates the video which compares and contrasts seals and sea lions, gray whales and orcas, dolphins and porpoises, and sea otters and river otters (the latter not classified as a marine mammal).

Many of the photographs and all videos contained in Marine Mammals Two by Two are copyrighted by the photographers (see ending credits) and cannot be used without express written permission (please contact Robin with inquiries). Thanks to everyone who contributed images to Marine Mammals Two by Two.

If you are an educator and would like a DVD copy for your classroom, please contact NOAA’s education and outreach team. To download the accompanying Marine Mammals Two by Two Worksheet, click here.
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