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Brownie back on shore at water taxi

Apparently, Pebbles has spread the word that the water taxi cove is a nice, safe place for a pup to hang out. Our brown pup with the oh-so-sweet face, Brownie, (who was there yesterday afternoon and evening) came back for a second visit today. Brownie is a very alert pup - in fact so alert that he was scared back in the water twice today, first by a kayaker (not one of Alki Kayak’s alert brigade) but he did return a couple of hours later. However, all of the traffic noise of motorcycles, cars and helicopters finally unsettled him enough that he went back in the water again this evening. This pup is easily identifiable by his white muzzle, distinctive white eyebrows and white left ear. Keep your eyes open for Brownie as you do your morning and evening commute.

New pup at eastside cove

Seal Sitters’ dispatch received a call late this afternoon that Pebbles had returned to the water taxi cove. Upon response to the scene, however, it was a pup we have not seen before. The pup was plump and very alert. At first look, it appeared the pup might be Woody, but spot comparisons have determined that it is not.

The eastside seems to be the seal pup hotspot of late. We’ll keep you updated on this newest pup.

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