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New volunteers trained to protect marine mammals

Seal Sitters trained 35 enthusiastic new volunteers, including several minors, on Saturday in a two-part training that lasted a good portion of the day. We’re very proud to have such a dedicated volunteer base and look forward to an exciting and, most likely, very crazed harbor seal pupping season. Today, two of our brand new volunteers looked after seal pup Sunshine, who was grateful to be able to take an undisrupted snooze on a very busy urban beach.

Pup rests on a sunny Alki day

A small harbor seal pup, judging by the number of erupted teeth to be 3-5 weeks old, enjoyed a rest midday today at the south end of the Alki Beach promenade. On this gorgeous day, 5-year-old Gabriella suggested we name the pup Sunny, but we had a pup with this name in 2007 - so, this sweet little pup has been nicknamed Sunshine. Unfortunately, the pup has a nasty eye infection. He returned to the cobalt waters of Puget Sound as the incoming tide swept over him and we hope that the curative powers of salt water help him to heal. Volunteers will be on the lookout for Sunshine, our 8th pup in August, over the next few days. Please call the hotline at 206-905-7325 (SEAL) should you see him on public or private beach.

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