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Have tape will travel - Seal Sitters' new motto

The past few days have seen a flurry of seal pups on the beaches of West Seattle with volunteers putting in very long days, often well after dark. Early yesterday morning the hotline received a call of a pup at Anchor Park - just minutes after our responder had checked the beach there. Sure enough, a pup was sleeping in the tideline. The pup was identified by markings as Dandy, who had visited Alki Beach the evening before. As the incoming tide forced Dandy further towards the seawall it was evident that he was still not using his left flipper. However, the pup seems healthy otherwise and certainly appears to be successfully foraging. We assume this is a weaned pup, but have not been able to catch a glimpse of his teeth to verify that. Dandy returned to the water when the tide swept over the shrinking stretch of beach.

In the meantime, an observant volunteer noticed another pup hauling out onto a rock just offshore below the sea wall further down the beach. Grabbing stakes, cones and tape, we established a second perimeter that allowed the public a great view of the pup, but kept people from standing above him and disrupting his much-needed rest. This white, chubby little pup was named Pearl (above). Pearl rested on the rock til shortly after 7pm and volunteers went home happy, but tired after two very long days.
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