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SIX pups on the beach yesterday - you can help

Seal Sitters was stretched to the max yesterday as we received reports of SIX (that’s not a typo) pups on shore in West Seattle. Seal pup Chris (right, with his sleeping pal) has found a new friend to hang out with. The new dark pup has been nicknamed Snickers (photo below). Chris has us a bit concerned with his dramatic weight loss over the past few days and we are observing him carefully and consulting with our marine mammal biologist.

You can help our volunteers out by not only reporting an animal on shore, but staying nearby until we can get a volunteer there. We are short-staffed in this supposed winter “off-season”. Please keep people and dogs away as it may take longer than our usual prompt response time. Also, please sign up for our new volunteer training on March 3rd.

Lots of little blubberballs still hanging around

The supposed “off season” for Seal Sitters is hardly that of late. Since the beginning of the year, we have responded to as many as 16 weaned pups - a few of those pups returned to the water just as our responders arrived, so were not positively identified. You may notice that we are a bit behind in giving “pupdates” on all of them - what with arctic ribbon seals and shot sea lions - but we will get caught up soon.

This afternoon, we had a gorgeous golden pup resting soundly at Lincoln Park while volunteers braved what felt like sustained hurricane force winds whipping up and off the whitecaps. To say it was brisk duty is an understatement. This pup has been identified as the same one who has used a stretch of private beach along Alki the past two days. The homeowner who originally reported the pup has nicknamed him/her Chris - in honor of a dear neighbor who sadly passed away that same day.

It will be interesting to see where Chris shows up tomorrow, so be on the alert. While observing Chris this afternoon, a beach walker mentioned that a second pup had been on the beach in a different location, but it was not reported to Seal Sitters. Please call our hotline @ 206-905-7325 (SEAL) whenever you spot a vulnerable pup on shore - they need to be able to rest undisturbed.
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