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Pups haul out despite nasty weather

The Seal Sitters hotline received calls on three pups today - one at Carkeek Park, one on the protected beach at Jack Block Park and one snuggled against the sea wall at Lincoln Park. The Lincoln Park pup (at left) was nicknamed Lina (harbor seal Latin name phoca vitulina) by a visitor from Connecticut - the father of our volunteer Trileigh, who were both enjoying a stroll in the park. Lina was literally at the edge of the sidewalk at Colman Pool. Our responder taped off the area, but the chocolate brown pup promptly returned to the Sound. She (or he) looked a bit thin, but moved quickly across the stretch of beach. We are waiting for a report on the Carkeek pup. The pup that was snoozing in the monsoon at JB Park looked plump enough (with possibly a small wound on his throat), but we could not get a photo of his face for id purposes. We are happy to report that here are several pups who are using Jack Block as a safe haven.
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