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Weekly pupdate: two seal pups onshore

This past week saw yet another two seal pups resting in West Seattle. On Sunday morning around 9am, a beach walker discovered and reported seal pup Libra (at right) at the base of Constellation Park’s sea wall. Covered in sea lettuce, the pup apparently hauled out at a very high tide. Libra rested until shortly after noon before making the trek across the now-exposed beach back to the Sound.

On Tuesday at Jack Block Park, seal pup Drifter was spotted by one of our first responders during a routine check of the beaches. Eilene noticed a small, white torpedo shape alongside some driftwood at the far end of the public area. Sure enough, a seal pup was zonked out there, oblivious and at risk on a beach notorious for off-leash dogs. The beach was quickly closed off and Seal Sitters’ scheduler for the day was contacted. Volunteers looked after Drifter in 2-hour shifts until he/she returned to Elliott Bay around 5pm.
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