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Pupdate: Storm and Sparky still holding their own at PAWS

Storm and Sparky are still struggling a bit at PAWS, but rehabbers are still guardedly optimistic about their chances. They are now in a large pool together (shown here resting on their “island”, Storm on the left and Sparky at right). Each pup has her own health issues and they both have battled diarrhea in an attempt to adjust to their new food source.

Storm has good body weight and is still feisty and alert. However, her blood numbers were quite high in some areas. An ultrasound was performed on her yesterday and it revealed that she has an inflamed gall bladder and possibly appendicitis or pancreatitis. The pup that was illegally removed from the outer coast beach, taken to a hotel and then eventually to PAWS also had an inflamed gall bladder. That pup was treated and successfully rehabbed and released this month. Rehabbers do not know what is the cause of the inflammation. Storm has been put on a series of medications to treat her ailments. She has gone from being tube fed a “herring/salmon shake” to solid food consisting of dead herring. Pups have to be force fed the herring until they eventually will chase and eat live fish that is put into their pool. It can be a tedious and lengthy process to get them oriented to feeding themselves.

Sparky has good blood levels, but just can’t seem to put on weight so there is some major concern there. She is still suffering from chronic diarrhea and remains on a fish-shake diet.
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