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School kids raise funds to protect seal pups

Students from Schmitz Park Elementary School recently made a sizable donation to Seal Sitters. The children had a “penny harvest” where everyone donates pennies, raising a significant amount of money to donate to select causes. Seal Sitters, along with other charitable groups, was invited to make a presentation to the roundtable panel consisting of 3rd-5th graders. Elizabeth Dunn, teacher extraordinaire, supervised as the students asked insightful and in-depth questions about our group, the work we do, and how donated funds might be used. We are thrilled that these amazing philanthropists chose to help out the seal pups and other marine mammals of Puget Sound. The donation will help defray the monthly costs of maintaining our dedicated hotline for marine mammal response. Huge flipper hugs to the kids of Schmitz Park Elementary and know that each time someone calls the hotline you have helped protect our wildlife!
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