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Snoozy catches some ZZZs at Lincoln Park

snoozy-Lincoln Park     
Late yesterday afternoon, Seal Sitters Hotline Operator Dave received a report about a harbor seal pup resting onshore at Lincoln Park. Donning layers of warm clothing, First Responder Lynn, hopped in her Subaru and headed down the Admiral Way hill toward the popular, wooded park.

Just north of Colman Pool, she found a snoozing pup, snuggled in the driftwood and only 10 feet from the paved walkway. Battling windy conditions, Lynn put up a shaky perimeter as her signs flew away, yellow tape billowed and one barricade fell over with a crash. A helpful man lugged two large rocks up from the beach to hold the barricade upright.

Fortunately, only a handful of people were out braving the cold winds. A fisherman said the pup had been resting there for a few hours. He had watched as a woman approached on the beach, noticing the pup only when her off-leash dog began barking at the small seal. Dog are not allowed on public Seattle beaches, leashed or unleashed, and pose dangers to vulnerable pups!

The tide was rising and the sun was setting rapidly. First Responder Robin arrived to lend a hand and observe the pup, nicknamed Snoozy, who was alert off and on to activity and seemed relatively healthy. The volunteers left the park after dark.
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