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Abby returns to the Salish Sea after stormy night

Concerns that last night’s high winds and surf would force Abby, the molting elephant seal, from her safe resting place on the private beach proved well-founded. Our volunteer arrived before dawn only to find Abby gone, but then was pleasantly surprised to see her relaxing and blowing bubbles just offshore. Abby spent the next hour and a half drifting leisurely in the calm water reflecting the pink and blue shades of dawn - a very mesmerizing and dreamlike sight. The water rinsing over her sore body, sand-caked eyes and nostrils must have felt a bit like heaven to her. In the video you can see the distinct pointed nose, characteristic of a female elephant seal. Abby drifted slowly southward and it appeared that she might be interested in hauling back out onto the beach, but suddenly there were no more bursts of bubbles and she was gone - most likely out to grab some breakfast after fasting on the beach for several days. Our volunteers scoured beaches throughout the day, but did not see her. We will be checking the same private beach before dawn in case she returns with the high tide. If you are a waterfront homeowner, please call our hotline if she shows up on your beach.
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