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Happy Mother's Day to moms of all species

Seal Sitters would like to wish all you moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. This date is also a reminder that seal pupping season has now begun on the outer coasts of Oregon and southern Washington. Remember that it is normal for a pup to sometimes be alone on the beach. Keep your distance and call the local stranding network if you come across a pup and have any concerns. There are maps listing all of the networks’ contact infomation here.

A seal mom forms a very close and affectionate bond with her pup immediately after birth and throughout the following 4-6 weeks until the pup is weaned. During this time, she teaches the pup to swim and forage for food - all the necessary skills for the pup to try to survive on his own. In this photo, a mom nurses her pup in the waning light of evening in a southern California rookery.
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