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Seal pup becomes a regular on West Seattle beach

Just after high tide this morning, the Seal Sitters hotline rang with numerous reports that seal pup Taffy was back at her small stretch of beach in West Seattle. The skittish pup has been a regular visitor to our shores since last Friday (that we know of). After being harassed and chased into the water several times last weekend, she sticks close to the water’s edge for a quick escape from harm.

Taffy appears to be favoring her left front foreflipper and does not use it to bear weight. That said, she continues to appear relatively healthy, with much better body weight and condition than the majority of weaned pups Seal Sitters protects.

The alert pup returned to Puget Sound around 1pm, after a paddle boarder approached too close to shore. This is a reminder to those of you who enjoy water sports: when you are out on the water along West Seattle shoreline, either by board or kayak, and notice yellow tape and cones on the beach or sea wall, please steer far away to prevent scaring a resting pup into the water. The same goes if you see seals and sea lions resting in more remote areas.

NOAA’s Marine Mammal Stranding Network wants seal pups to be able to get the rest they need for survival. Thanks to all the volunteers, including Seal Sitters young vols Stella and Ruby, who pitched in today and talked to an enchanted public, thrilled to be able to observe a pup in full view and so close, due to sidewalk and sea wall constraints.

We expect that Taffy will continue to use this area as long as she feels safe. It is our mission to keep her from harm. Please call Seal Sitters’ hotline at 206-906-SEAL (7325) should you see her - or any of her pup pals - onshore.
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