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PBS segment features Seal Sitters and seal pups

A documentary film team from KCTS-9 recently completed a segment on Seal Sitters. Environmental journalist Katie Campbell and videographer Michael Werner interviewed co-founders Brenda Peterson and Robin Lindsey and 11-year old volunteer Etienne, who has been a Seal Sitter since 2nd grade. They filmed volunteers as they protected Lucy and other seal pups.

The story was prompted by our late October report of a West Seattle seal pupping season with emaciated pups and a higher than usual mortality rate for our area (we are happy to say that we ended the year with a wave of chubbier pups). The segment will be airing on PBS, but the audio has already aired on NPR's KUOW and other radio stations. The embedded video shown here is also posted on KCTS 9's website along with the script and photos. Many thanks to Katie and Michael for helping to spread the word that, like all wild animals, seal pups are in a daily struggle to survive and need to be able to rest on shore undisturbed.
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