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Keep wildlife safe - clean up the beach

Help keep marine life safe! On Saturday, June 24th (9:30am - noon), come on down to Alki Beach, grab a provided bucket and a pair of “pluckers” and do your part to keep the sea free of dangerous debris. We will meet at the Statue of Liberty Plaza (Alki Ave SW and 61st Ave SW) in West Seattle. RSVP is requested.

“Sentinels of the Sound” Beach Cleanup is co-sponsored by Seal Sitters with sister network Sno-King Marine Mammal Response.

For Seal Sitters, derelict fishing gear is an up close and personal issue. Once again, the cleanup will be in honor of newborn seal pup Sandy, who was rescued by Seal Sitters in August of 2011 and rehabilitated at PAWS Wildlife Center. After months of rehab, she was finally released back to the wild, but found dead 66 days later, entangled in derelict fishing line off the Edmonds pier.

The event is also in honor of the juvenile gray whale that died on Arroyos beach in April of 2010. The necropsy revealed only human trash in the whale’s stomach.

Did you know that n estimated 80% of marine debris originates from land? Or that 360 billion cigarette butts are discarded in the U.S. alone each year - all of them leaching toxic chemicals into the soil and waterways? Did you know that derelict fishing gear and plastics injure and kill many thousands of marine mammals and seabirds annually?

Learn more in-depth about the dangers of marine debris by visiting Seal Sitters’ website.

RSVP is requested to ensure we have enough materials on hand for volunteers.
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